Association Director Oversight and Training

Your Cusick Community Management Association Director is responsible for managing a portfolio of associations. Your Association Director will work with your board of directors and provide them with guidance and management oversight.  Our Association Directors are supported by a team of specialists dedicated in assisting the general membership of communities. One of the key components of how we manage associations is the structure of support provided to Association Directors.  This support allows them to focus on larger projects in addition to being able to deliver the highest level of customer service for which we are so proudly known.

The Key to Success

We like to believe we have the best, most educated and smartest HOA Directors in the business!  We work hard at constantly training our Directors in new laws, processes, legal opinions, and changes in the industry so that they can confer all that valuable information to your HOA Board Members.
Knowledge is key to the success of any director in this business. Cusick runs bi-monthly training sessions internally, to keep our Association Directors in the know!  We also limit the number of accounts each Director services, to avoid burn out which is a bi-product of this challenging business!
Cusick believes in supporting our directors.  We dedicate a full-time Vice President to support, educate and train our Senior Association Directors, who in return comprehensively train the directors underneath them. We have levels of support for our management team. Knowledge is key in this industry and we pride ourselves on giving our directors the educational support they need.