Full Time Work Order Department for your HOA

Full Time Work Order Department for your HOA

The upkeep of your community or home is essential not only for retaining property value, but also for security and peace of mind. That is why Cusick has a dedicated work order department to provide our residents ease in submitting and tracking work order requests.

Cusick employees are homeowner’s too and realize how frustrating it is to call in a work order and not know if it fell into some pit of lost work order requests, never to surface again. That does not happen at Cusick! Cusick will follow your work order request from beginning to end to make sure your needs have been met. Our residents can also track their work orders online via our fully automated system.

Residents are able to contact our work order department at any time with any questions or concerns they may have. We want to over-communicate with you in regard to your work order requests.


Using a System and Strategy to Reduce Costs

Although a service request may seem time-consuming, they are typically prove to be an advantage to the HOA. Most HOAs will perform maintenance checks on their own. When a resident points out an issue your HOA Management team can resolve it before it gets worse. A well-maintained community can reduce costs to the association. Cusick believes in being proactive rather than reactive in handling our communities maintenance needs.


Regular Maintenance Checks and Property Inspections
As an HOA Board of Directors, it is crucial to keep a close eye on the state of the community. Communities should proactively be inspected for repairs weekly or twice per month. Depending on the property, some inspections may need to be conducted more frequently, especially if an older building is prone to additional maintenance.

What Constitutes a Work Order Request?
In most cases, an HOA will set specific guidelines in the governing documents so that HOA members are aware of what constitutes a work order request vs. neighborhood or community improvement. The HOA will also decide under what circumstances it is appropriate to submit a claim.
  • Work order request: A work order request is authorized maintenance, usually submitted by an HOA resident, or HOA Management staff. Common requests may include a broken window, a water filter replacement, a light bulb replacement, or anything related to the actual resident's home or community.
  • Community improvement: A community improvement request is often made when changes that involve adding or modifying structures, landscapes, buildings, or shared areas.

Our System Implements a clear and easy request process.
As your preferred HOA Management team, we provide an online form for residents to submit and track work order requests. The ability to communicate work order status provides time of completion. As a result, the resident can maintain trust with the community and mitigate future issues such as poor communication.

  • Cusick’s full time Work Order department knows the parameters for your association.
  • Cusick maintains a vetted list of contractors and on-site maintenance staff as an integral part of maintaining work requests.
  • Your HOA is required to process work orders in a timely manner.
  • Work Order requests are processed promptly.
  • Your HOA Online Workorders, make tracking and reporting issues; simple.
  • Provide clear expectations and transparency at all times.

Your HOA Portal Provides Work Order Tracking

  • Work order requests can be customized to provide a detailed description, a photo if necessary, and contact information.
  • Request forms are tracked so that the resident, board member, and manager can see the work order request's progress.
  • Managers can receive instant notifications for their team to review.
  • Once a request is open, the management team can update the request as needed.
  • Management teams can assign requests to the appropriate person.

Provide an Opportunity for Feedback After the Order is Complete
Allow residents the option to submit both positive and negative feedback. Understanding the resident's experience is a significant way to know if your HOA work order process is transparent. This will also help with improving communication and the overall strategy for all people involved.

  • Follow up with the resident no more than three days after the project has been completed.
  • Ask for future suggestions on how to improve the process of submitting requests.
  • Provide the resident the option to schedule a follow-up phone call with a manager if needed.