The Cusick Company utilizes the latest leading cloud based management and accounting software specifically designed for community association management. While flexible and tailored to each association, this system features unparalleled core capabilities.
Homeowners have individual protected access to their records to review balances, violation status, architectural change status, community calendars and news.
Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Members may electronically review and approve homeowner requests ensuring timely and consistent ARC enforcement. 
Board Members are provided access to all financial reports and membership information including account aging information on a real-time basis and the board has access to review all invoices.
Covenant Enforcement and Violation Tracking. Property reviews and violation tracking is online and automated.  Reviews are conducted on-site using an iPad with real time information for outstanding violations. Photos document violations and letters are mailed to homeowners automatically. Resolved issues can be closed immediately while unresolved issues are documented and escalated as necessary. All correspondence is kept on file.
Homeowners Association Committees have access to special services online. 
Assessment Payment Options include:
• Autodraft – Set up once and draft payments automatically
• eCheck – Send a one-time eCheck
• Recurring eCheck – Schedule all payments at once
• Credit Card –Visa, Mastercard or Discover with a small processing fee (charges not levied against the association)
• Bank check – Checks written via a personal bank account
• Coupons – Payment coupons mailed to all members
Cusick Company organizes options and specific services to meet the individual needs of each community. Cusick is your partner in strengthening long-lasting relationships.

Staffing for your Success

Cusick currently employs over 80 employees. All employees are cross trained, team-focused and client responsive. Staff members go through rigorous in-house training programs and attend mandatory weekly classes that include seminars from local experts such as lawyers, insurance professionals and industry-related vendors.
With Cusick, you will find a fully staffed accounting department, sale professionals, attentive customer service, violation resolution experts, managers and management staff. The Cusick team provides clients with the very best Condominium Management service.

Upgrade Your Community Association Experience

More than 25 years experience with Charlotte based Community Management

  •  No need to worry about a transition period
  •  Staff ratio to community associations is kept low
  •  Experienced Association Management Team
  •  Fully dynamic real-time reports 
  •  Fast response times ...WE ANSWER YOUR CALLS
  •  Objective advice to Boards and Homeowners