Helping HOA Boards with Training and Support

We specialize in training strong board leaders

Serving on an association's board of directors is no easy task. At times it can feel like a thankless, time-sucking experience! Board members will bring some leadership skills to the table, and others will have to have their skills cultivated. At Cusick we educate each HOA Board member in the best practices of HOA management.
Strong board members equate to a well-run association!

Each HOA Board Member has access to an experienced Community Association Director. Our Community Association Directors are highly trained and certified to provide the right guidance to your board of directors. Strong leadership and expert guidance create a cohesive well-run community.

Specialized guidance is available in areas such as budget development, reserve study analysis, key vendor recommendation, risk management and governing documents modification. Cusick offers limitless training of our boards not only through our individual directors but via the President of our company who is available for one-on-one training whenever needed or requested.

Three Benefits of a Strong HOA Board Member

1. Strong Property Values

One of the top priorities of every homeowner is to protect the value of his or her home. HOA Board training will help your board to establish an appropriate maintenance plan that, over the long-term, will result in better maintenance and lower overall cost. Strategies that make the community more attractive to prospective purchasers

2. Consistent Financial Administration

Your board is the governing body of your community. Training for roles for each association board member will allow them to utilize reports and financial statements to understand the fiscal health of the HOA. Allowing the HOA management company to enforce policies based on the governing documents established by your Board for the collection of past due assessments, An HOA management company is generally far more effective in collecting past due assessments than are volunteer board members.

3. Cohesive Management Systems

Your HOA management company has spent many years and thousands of dollars to establish the necessary systems for the management and training of homeowner associations. Investments are made in both technology and in the continuing education of the Cusick Team. Our staff is capable of guiding your HOA Board members in the knowledge of laws and regulations affecting your Homeowners association, in order to ensure that any established processes and procedures are in accordance with those laws and regulations.