Important information for new visitors to our Cusick online site

Step 1 - Activate your Cusick online account

Welcome to your new home and to a great community association experience!  
There are two steps involved with registering your account. The first is to fill out The New Resident Information Form which provides us with the ability to communicate with you. Click Here to Download the Resident Info form

Once completed please email the form to 

After you have filled out the form please click here to  Register your Account.  


Step 2 - Setup Your Monthly Payment

Your monthly association fees start when you move in.  They are due on the same day of each month.  All homeowner association fees are setup to auto debit from you bank account.  You will need to download the form, fill it in and email it to You will have to print the form and sign it manually.  Be sure to attach a copy of a blank check marked void, or a savings account deposit slip. 
Click Here to Download the ACH 

Step 3 - Get The Cusick Mobile App

1. Download the Cusick App from your mobile device after you have registered your account.  Please search for "Cusick Association Portal" in your app store.